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Digital menu for hotels and restaurants.

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Our digital QR menu service replaces traditional paper menus with a seamless and interactive dining experience. By simply scanning a QR code with their smartphones, your customers gain instant access to a dynamic menu right at their fingertips.


1. With our digital QR menu, your customers can browse through your entire menu with ease.

2. Our QR menu eliminates the need for physical menus, minimizing touchpoints and reducing the risk of germ transmission. By embracing contactless dining, you provide peace of mind to your patrons while maintaining a hygienic environment.

3. No more printing and distributing new menus every time there’s a change in your offerings. Our digital QR menu allows you to update your menu items, prices, and promotions instantly. Whether it’s a new seasonal dish, a limited-time special, or a sold-out item, you can keep your customers informed and avoid disappointment.

Introducing contactless menu services with qR codes

QR menu cards

We provide contactless menu services by a designing unique QR code for your restaurant menu, eliminating the need for a physical menu.

These QR code menus will be managed digitally, which makes it easy to update menu items or prices. 


How to use qR menus

The user interface is very easy. You can either scan the QR code using your cellphone camera which redirects you to a web link for the menu or you can even use a QR scanner app, either works! 

The customers will no longer need to ask for the menu cards, instead just read it on their respective mobile devices.



Digital QR menu cards

To optimize the dining experience for your customers contact us for our digital QR menu services. 

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