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Mobile Money Transfer App

Mobile payments is a mode of payment using mobile phones. Instead of using methods like cash, cheque, and credit card, a customer can use a mobile phone to transfer money or to pay for goods and services. A customer can transfer money or pay for goods and services by sending an SMS, using a Java application over GPRS, a WAP service, over IVR or other mobile communication technologies. In India, this service is bank-led.[ Customers wishing to avail themselves of this service will have to register with banks which provide this service. Currently, this service is being offered by several major banks and is expected to grow further. Mobile Payment Forum of India (MPFI) is the umbrella organization which is responsible for deploying mobile payments in India.

India is the world’s largest-growing mobile payments market. Mobile payment surpassed credit card transaction in 2021, clocking an annual value greater than $1 trillion.

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